Versus Tracksuit Jacket £10.00 + VAT (12.00 inc VAT)
Versus Trousers £10.00 + VAT (12.00 inc VAT)

add club badge

£2.50 + VAT (3.00 inc VAT) per print per shirt. Email a good quality digital image of your badge to us.

add numbers or initials

£2.00 + VAT (2.40 inc VAT) per item (1 or 2 digits)

add a logo or team name

£2.50 + VAT (3.00 inc VAT) per print per item. We can print any logo or come up with something for you.

embroidered badge

We can also embroider your club badge, please contact us for a quote.

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Available sizes: 3XS - XXL
micro corduroy inter-weave fabric
Minimum Order 7 pieces (except with team kit orders)

tracksuit jacket versus navy green
tracksuit jacket versus navy red
tracksuit jacket versus navy sky
tracksuit jacket versus navy royal
tracksuit jacket versus black orange





tracksuit trousers versus navy green
tracksuit trousers versus navy red
tracksuit trousers versus navy sky
tracksuit trousers tournament royal navy
tracksuit trousers versus black orange

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